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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When in doubt, throw tens & twenties.

POW! Call it waterfront. Call it historic. Call it LOWNDES GROVE! Sorry, I got all caught up in this fantastic photo by friend and photographer Lynn Mitchell. The other photos are just as lovely and don't worry, more will be shared soon.
Received some great feedback on the Lowndes Grove renovation on a scouting trip this morning with a well-known Charleston publication (I'll let you know who it is if they decide to shoot here.) Our guest mentioned that she had attended events at Lowndes Grove in the past and was always struck by “how much unrealized potential it had.” When we walked through the front door of the Main House, she exclaimed, “YAYYYY!!!” And you know, you can't really ask for better than that. (Well, other than throwing tens and twenties at me. That's pretty darn nice.)

In very cool marketing news, I read an interesting article with W Hotels president Ross Klein about their concept "inclusive exclusivity."

"Our guests, be they straight, gay, transgender, bi, whatever, they expect us to be truthful and authentic, and they can smell it a mile away...We're going to have an experience for you by your own self-described definitions of who are as a traveler. But it's going to be done in a very exclusive way. It's reall about an emotional appeal. It's not necessarily about an income level appeal or a professional appeal or any of those things. It's really more about people who relate to an aesthetic that is comfortable and slightly cool, and a level of service that is respectful but not necessarily servitude."

Love it. All of it. May I book a room, please?

P.S. Today kicks off Fish's printemps menu! And yes, I know it's April Fool's Day, but this is the truth. Trust me.

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