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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Traffic, coyotes & hey! new windows & doors!

Photo? That's a traffic jam at Cordray's in Ravenel. Noses to rump roasts, I tell you.

So, my brother recommended this blog to me. It's written by a woman who, at the age of 26, was living in California and owned a small bakery/cafe. One day in 1994, she packed up her belongings and moved to rural Missouri to a "280-acre, 140-year old farm in the middle of nowhere." Anywho, she now lives on an even older, even more remotely located farm on which she raised sheep and chickens AND is working to build an artisinal bakery. (Dude, we are not sure she sleeps.) My point here is that she has a very rich, interesting life and she writes beautifully about it, especially this post...Talk about real life: coyotes eating your sheep, okay?

In other news, was out at Lowndes Grove to sneak a peek at the soon-to-open River House. The much-anticipated doors and windows have arrived and let me just say, they are gorgeous. Photos to come tomorrow. I simply cannot wait to this space decked out for its first evening event, doors and windows open for the warm breeze off the river. Are you kidding me? Simply stunning.

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