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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biodynamic wines, the design walk & other reasons to love it here

What did I do on tax day? I went to a free wine tasting, of course. Our pals at EVO in Park Circle hosted a wine tasting with Mendocino Farms, a biodynamic winery in Mendocino, California. Steve Ryan, the biodynamic expert on the team, was pouring some fantastic red and was also a very interesting fellow. A little bit of what biodynamic means: Basically, it's method of organic farms that views the farm itself as an independent organism. Biodynamism, did I just make up a word? Well, it's all about balance between the soil, plants and animals. There are no artificial chemicals used. It's very organic, so we're talking manure. We're talking compost. All the better for yummy wine, my pretty!

In other news, if you're out and about tomorrow night, you should join us for the Spring Design Walk on Upper King. The shopping is EXCELLENT and plus, you'll be right by Fish where it will be Mercy of the Chef Thursday. Do you remember? 3 courses, 3 wine pairings, $40 per person, all Chef's choice. You KNOW you love it when Nico bosses you. Actually, the Mercy of the Chef has attracted QUITE the cult following. If you haven't been, you should definitely check it out. And, of course, check out all of our neighbors. I personally can't stay OUT of B'Zar or Lesesne. T-shirts and letterpress paper? I can't hold back.

P.S. If you need to see us tonight as well, you KNOW it's Wine Wednesday, right? The Charlton Singleton Trio for your jazz and half-priced select bottles of wine. Dig it.

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