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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lovely Lowndes Grove, Mrs. Fish & Recycling

Uploaded a bunch of fabulous Lowndes Grove photos (thank you, Lynn Mitchell) to our Flickr page. Go ahead, drool.

You know you're married to your job when...your last name becomes your business name. As in the case of our Director of Human Resources Elizabeth Kitchin being addressed as Mrs. Elizabeth Fish by Pottery Barn. Bahahaha!

Everyone on the PP team is psyched about our recently revamped recycling program. As you might imagine, being in the food and beverage and event business, we produce lots of recyclable goods. In fact, we didn't know exactly how much until we talked to the fine folks at Fischer Recycling. Starting Friday, The William Aiken House, Fish, The American Theater, Lowndes Grove and our corporate offices will all be recycling paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and tin. Plus, Fischer put us into touch with folks who will recycle our corrugated cardboard. All of this is an effort to REDUCE THE DUMPSTER (Fischer's line, which I love) and mostly, to tread a little lighter on the earth (my line). Actually, was talking with Managing Partner Randall Goldman about this. We figure when his young son (age 2) is old enough to realize what's going on, things like carrying your own recycleable bags into the grocery store will be the given. Pretty cool.

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