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Monday, April 21, 2008

Neighborhood cred, updates & advice/entertainment from event professionals

Check it out. That's an OFFICIAL Wagener Terrace neighborhood membership card. It belongs to Lowndes Grove General Manager Ashley Gunnin. I know, you only wish you had one too.

Was out for a quick visit to Lowndes Grove today. (No, not just to be jealous of Ashley's membership card.) Work continues on the super cool catering kitchen and the phenomenal River House, set to open May 1. While chatting with Ashley in the Sales Office, which overlooks the catering kitchen construction, she pointed out a family of baby cardinals in the bush just outside her window. So sweet - and apparently unflappable (HA! I kill me.) as there is quite a bit of ruckus around them currently. Ashley said she watched Daddy (AKA Big Red) swoop in, put food in Mama's mouth who in turn fed the babies.

By the by, the line at Kulture Klash 2 this weekend looked rather like a line at a Madonna concert, okay? Live grafitti art, hula hoop girls, cool stuff from local artists and boutiques like B'Zar. Amazing.

In the coming days, I'll be posting some valuable and no doubt entertaining gems from the PP event team. This talented and dynamic team has been creating authentic moments for nearly five years. (I don't know exactly how many brides and companies have been through our lovely gates, but man, if these walls could talk!) Anywho, I know you are now chomping at the big to hear these tidbits. Stay tuned.

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