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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fine linens, the Bridge Run & Independent America

What's up at PP? I can't remember if I told you that Nancy Koltes (she of the famous and fine linens) will be paying us a visit this week. Not only is her store, Nancy Koltes At Home, our Upper King Street neighbor, her Italian-made linens are used exclusively in the guest suites at Lowndes Grove. You KNOW you love the luxurious sheets! While I'm chatting about Lowndes Grove, I should tell you that we're hosting Friday's Cooper River Bridge Run Press Luncheon. Thanks to Allison Foster of Foster Marketing and the folks at The Visitor's Network who, on a very tight schedule, filmed some great footage of our newest waterfront venue.

Our friends at Lowcountry Local First asked if we might want to play host to a screening of Independent America. It's the story of two former TV journalists who travel the U.S. in search of "Independent America." The rules, as they established, were quite simple: no stops at any mega-corporate store (Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald's, etc.) and no main roads (secondary roads only). The film has some fascinating things to say about the proliferation of local and sustainable agriculture. Check it out. More than anything, it's interesting to see what's happening in this country at a time when so much feels out of our collective control. It can be interesting what we come back to.

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