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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steve-O!

I believe I have mentioned before on this blog that the PP team has this tiny little mischievous streak (about 50 miles long). Anywho, today is our Accountant Steve's birthday. Now, Steve is a really funny guy and a Jersey native (HOLLA!), but he and the spotlight? Not so much. With that in mind, Managing Partner Randall Goldman placed a call to the lovely and talented Tammy Walters, who put on a gorilla suit and came armed with music and balloons to humiliate, I mean entertain, our pal Steve. Notice in the photo: Steve shrinking away in horror and Tammy dancing so fiercely she's really a blur! Go, gorilla!

I must state, for the record, that I got a tiny bit concerned for the safety of the gorilla (Tammy) when I saw the horrified look on Steve's face. But, good sport that he is, he ever so slightly smiled while the rest of the PP team was hooting and hollering. (Note to self: take the day OFF on your birthday.)

In other news, I can really be a sucker for a good people-watching experience and last night's private Lowndes Grove launch was the perfect setting for it. It was wonderful to watch architect Glenn Keyes, general contractor Jim Rhode and interior designer Paula Adams as a mostly local crowd of revelers ooohed and aaahed their way through the Main House and grounds. As if on cue, the sun set in a warm and spectacular display of orange and red and I thought to myself: this place is alright.

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