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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Summer Vacation in Dubrovnik!

So, I am so serious when I say I never know what's going to happen on any given day at PP and here's a great example. Our Managing Partner and Director of Events, who are also husband and wife, respectively, are planning their summer vacation to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Today, aforementioned Managing Partner mentions to me that while they're vacationing, he's booked a tiny little speaking engagement with the students at the University of Dubrovnik. On what topic he be speaking, you ask? How about the development of historic properties in the hospitality industry. Of course, by Eastern European standards, our 200-something year old properties are mere babies, but still, PP does know have some great insights to share after more than 10 years in the hospitality and preservation business. And, how TOTALLY COOL is it to share that kind of information in a city that, as recently as the early 1990s was embroiled in war, and today is a parliamentary democracy thriving with art, history and beauty. Good stuff.

1 comment:

Adam Boozer said...

Hey it's Adam Boozer from DPS. I love you blog! Great Content.

I had a chance to go to Dubrovnik last year for a shoot and it was amazing! I would love to go back for vacation. Such a beautiful place with wonderful people.

Have fun!