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Friday, April 11, 2008

More than the recommended daily allowance of stuff

Today at the zoo, I mean Patrick Properties. Holy smacks, people. It has been go, go, go, all the live long day around here!

Was proofing our new identity, courtesy of the fabulous folks at Gil Shuler Graphic Design, and oh my goodness, it is fine! Just wait 'til you see. Soon, people, soon!

Read this interesting bit in an article by John Burbage in The Charleston Mercury. Get this: one large oyster can filter as much as four gallons of seawater per hour. And, once upon a time you could eat the oysters found in Charleston Harbor. Due to population growth and industry, you can't and haven't been able to for years...something to ponder.

Had a fun meeting yesterday with Jamee Haley, one of our pals from Lowcountry Local First. Fish is one of the sponsors of their upcoming Chef's Potluck out at Middleton Place on Sunday, April 27. It will be a fantastic day full of local growers, chefs and some phenomenal food and drink. I better see you there.

And, I leave you for the weekend with this gem, courtesy of one of my favorite blogs. It's a song that some of you may remember...Enjoy.

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