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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Religion, politics & other things you may not want to talk about at dinner

Well, it's a simply gorgeous evening for the Spring Design Walk on Upper King, so I expect to see you out and about shortly. Meanwhile, it was another wild and wonderful day here at PP.

Heard this rather hilarious soundbite this morning on NPR about the Papal visit: "Keep your eye on this Pope." Um, why? Will he steal my backpack? Or, is it more like: keep-your-eye-on-this -rising-religious-star, he's-gonna-be-HUGE type of thing? Such a funny and ponderous quip, NPR lady!

By the by, not sure if you heard that on Monday Managing Partner Randall Goldman became President of the Charleston Local Development Corporation (LDC), a not-for-profit corporation created in 1979 by Mayor Riley and other city leaders. The organization helps create jobs and economic development through loans in Charleston, Berkeley, Colleton and Dorchester counties. You just never know what that Goldman is going to do next, I tell you. Congratulations, Randall. We're darn proud. But, what about that Vice Presidential run?

Randall actually told me a great story this morning, as it was happening. As he was filling up at the gas station, he spied a woman finishing up at her gas pump and then driving away with the gas hose still attached to her car. Ooopsie. She came back, as luck would have it, rather embarassed and Randall spoke to her, basically saying he wished he had filmed and could post it to YouTube and/or post it to this very blog. She wasn't so enthused about that idea. Which is crazy when you consider she couldn've benefited from some instant stardom, much like local boutique owner Kristin Morgan, who is my heroine of the moment. When life handed her an unsteady floor, she rocked out and told her story on Ellen. Say it, sister.

One of our neighbors recently wrote on his blog about the mysterious stencils appearing around the Upper King Street area. Well today, Fish had one on its pristine white exterior. Upon googling the 1.618, we found out that it's called The Golden Ratio. It's like pi (3.14) but way cooler.

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