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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Come & knock our door...we've been waiting for you...

Our big, honkin' Lowndes Grove front door welcomes you. (Another lovely shot from our recent shoot.)
I can't write another word without sharing this unbelievably gracious comment card we received IN THE MAIL from a recent guest at Fish.

"This is not nearly enough space for all the words of praise and thanks I'd like to send to you. Of all the places in Charleston that we ate, Fish is by far the best. I loved the room, the decor, the ambience. The meal was absolutely incredible - best seafood in your city! 1/2 price wine night was a nice surprise (didn't know about that one!)!! Our server, Lexi, was as nice, pleasant and friendly as she could be! A lovely lady indeed! Oh, and the jazz trio was perfect. Not too loud for a room that size and very good players. Finally, Jodie Battles (General Manager) could not have been any more gracious. She was so nice to show us around just "chat" after dinner. Thank you, thank you!
-Tom Anderson

In other marketing news, Starbucks just keeps on keepin' on. Today, they gave away FREE 8 oz. cups of their new Pike's Place brew, which according to CEO Howard Schultz is "bold, robust flavor profile that customers have come to expect of Starbucks coffee, but with a smoother, buttery finish." Mmmm, buttery. In my coffee? Anywho, I do admire their tenacity to get, you know, back to the cawfee love. I get so mystified by marketing brouhaha, even if it IS my job. It's constantly changing and engaging.

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