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Monday, April 28, 2008


If you missed the Chef's Potluck at Middleton Place yesterday, I am sorry. Because it was just one delicious moment after another, PLUS great beer and wine, PLUS fantastic music. An all-round wonderful event. Mad props to Jamee and Alan at Lowcountry Local First for an outstanding event. I will tell you that my own personal eating branched out a bit yesterday as I tried braised goat for the very first time (thank you, Fez!). It was super tender and very flavorful. Our own Nico Romo and Sous Chef Deveaux Stockton served a hearty stuffed tomato provencal with ground beef (from Cordray's) with a local greens (Rita's Roots) and strawberries with a sweet soy balsamic dressing. Middleton Place served some melt-in-your mouth pork belly with organic Carolina Gold rice and collard greens grown right on-property. And, hands down my favorite dessert was the strawberry calzone from our pals at Evo. Local strawberries and hazelnut chocolate with local honey. Uh, yeah. So awesome.

One of my favorite parts of yesterday's event was watching Sous Chef Deveaux Stockton's daughter dance to the fantastic music (I'll let you know the name of the group as soon as I find out!) His daughter is about 4, and let me tell you, this child can DANCE. She was uninhibited, very limber and absolutely brought the house down.

And, I'm especially excited today because I received proofs of our about to be launched identity package from Gil Shuler Graphic Design. It isn't easy keeping up with the constantly-evolving Patrick Properties team, but with lots of diligent work from the folks at Gil Shuler, they have created a beautiful, sophisticated and clean foundation from which all sorts of craziness, I mean GENIUS can spring. More soonest.

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