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Friday, April 25, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Have A Corporate Event At The William Aiken House

10. No frightening wall-to-wall carpet that’s so busy you get a migraine.
9. No bad overhead lighting that makes everyone look pale and hung-over.
8. Plenty of beautiful furniture, antiques and art to distract your boss when he asks you where that report is: “Did you see that George III mahogany bookcase? Just gorgeous.”
7. A myriad of good reasons to be late for the morning seminar. “Sorry, I was so intrigued by the Carriage House slate roof. Did you know it originally came from the State House?”
6. Lots of opportunities to be outside: cocktail hour on the piazza, anyone?
5. The amazing food. No chicken fingers, I repeat, no chicken fingers.
4. The most boring presentation ever is somewhat less horrific when heard in a gorgeous historic coral ballroom.
3. You’re steps from more fantastic food and drink (Fish) and great shopping.
2. Again, cocktails on the piazza.
1. Stories back at the office sound better starting with, “The retreat at The William Aiken House, you know, that National Historic Landmark…” Oh, and cocktails on the piazza.

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