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Friday, April 4, 2008

Run Charleston Run!

The weather turned out to be wonderful for today's Bridge Run Press Luncheon at Lowndes Grove. Warm with a perfect breeze. Yes, we ordered it special!

I had this funny thought as the many generous sponsors presented GIANT checks to the Bridge Run folks and an array of non-profits. Who came up with the idea of giant checks? The lottery gives them out; big corporations give them to non-profits. Wouldn't it be hilarious if you HAD to actually use the big check. You'd walk into the bank with it, all awkward, have trouble getting through the door, possibly hit a few people with it by accident, approach the teller and say,"Hi, I'd like to cash this." I'm laughing just typing that.

ANYway, I digress. To our Director of Human Resources Elizabeth Kitchin, good luck on the Bridge Run tomorrow! Goooooo Tide!

Off to face the Bridge Run traffic jams. Good luck to all you runners. And to you non-runners, we'll see you at the bar at Fish.

1 comment:

Joe said...

It took longer to get out of the patrick parking lot than it did to run the bridge.