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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Band of Angels, Franz & Steve Jobs Sightings

An array of folks from the Hallmark Hall of Fame upcoming production of "Band of Angels" have been checking out The William Aiken House over the past few weeks. You know, checking angles, perusing furnishings, getting the vibe. I've met some fantastic people. Today I met with Joe, one of the production designers, who just finished up a project in Athens, Georgia. I find it really interesting to hear where people have been, and, of course, what brings them to Charleston. I especially enjoy watching creative folks like Joe "take in" the view at any of our properties. It's as if you can hear their wheels turning with ideas.

In renovation news, I got to meet Franz today. Franz is the master craftsman who built the original purpleheart wood bar. As you know, part of the renovation of Fish includes a major overhaul of the bar. Franz, who was originally a master craftsman boatmaker, will build an extension of the bar that will triple its size. We're talking beautiful here, people. We're talking a bar worthy of great stories, delicious dim sum and some very hearty libations. I will endeavor to take a few "sneak peek" photos as the bar goes up in the coming weeks.

In King Street business news, I heard from a pal that a mutual friend of ours is off in California training at Apple Headquarters for the soon-to-open (anyone have a date?) Charleston Apple store at 301 King Street. Though I usually write these posts from a PC at dear old PP headquarters, I am truly a Mac person at heart. Tonight I write to you from my beloved Macbook. Anywho, our friend even saw THE MAN himself, yes a Steve Jobs sighting! Pretty cool. For those of you who may not know Steve Jobs, it would be akin to the excitement I would feel meeting Harper Lee, Alice Waters, Heather B. Armstrong or Madonna (not necessarily in that order).

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