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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kids, Hoosiers, Architects, Barbecue

Though parts of it are under renovation, The American Theater still manages to extend its hospitality to a truly inspiring local organization. This Saturday, Stars Lounge in The American Theater will host 15 of Louie's Kids. A local non-profit to treat childhood obesity, Louie's Kids works to to find the best treatment options for each individual child. At Stars, the kids will be watching Hoosiers, a fantastic movie that makes you want to run out and join a basketball team. (Like when you watch the original Rocky, you just want to go to Philadelphia and run up the steps.) In fact, here!

In other news, we had a great meeting with the folks at Gibson, Thomspon, Guess Architects this afternoon. I am always struck by the creative process, which is part of why I do what I do. It's even more interesting to see that kind of creativity in the creation of actual structures. The GTG office is full of interesting objects: magazine clippings of exotic places, pieces of rock or plant, samples of flooring, upholstery, color swatches. The office is rich with texture. All of which obviously makes for great work. Anywho, during this creative love fest, Reggie started telling us about this excellent barbecue place he frequents: Scott's Variety Store in Hemingway, SC. As Reggie regaled us with the details of his experiences ("they put the sauce on with a mop"), and I laughed and got delighted by his absolute passion. I thought: this is what good food is about. The stories, the sheer delight in sharing the details of a great meal, ("sometimes the yam man is there"). And, you know, now I am absolutely compelled to make the two-hour trek to this "cathedral of 'cue" (That brilliant name was coined by Alice Guess.) So, that's what you get when you visit Gibson, Thompson, Guess Architects: creativity, a great story and directions to the world's best barbecue.

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