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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Join me at the bar, won't you?

I TOLD you we were tripling the size of the bar at Fish. See what Franz did! When it's finished, you'll be there, eating delicious dim sum, sipping a cocktail crafted by our resident mixologist, perhaps listening to the silky sounds of The Charlton Singleton Trio and laughing with your friends. I'll be the mysterious writer scribbling on a napkin at the end of the bar. (I'm deep.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, no. This means no first week of August anniversary gathering. Guess my friends and I will see you in September.

patrick properties said...

Have no fear: there will be a number of reopening events come September, so please stay tuned for details!

Paul Cheney said...

This is EXCITING. I just put it on my site, too. That ok? http://www.letstalkcharleston.com/