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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Light Brite Wedding Dress, Bobby Flay, The Farmer's Markets & More!

Can I tell you? I just received an incredibly touching email from a man who wants to use The American Theater marquee to propose to his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend are big fans of the movie, The Notebook, several scenes of which were shot in front of The American Theater. Anywho, we love when we get to play dream maker for people. We're on the case!

While I'm on the topic of nuptials, I have several things to share. One: congrats to Tara Guerard of Soiree and The Lettered Olive, her letterpress stationery line. They (and Charleston) just got a nice shout out on Martha's wedding blog. Two: the above wedding dress photo was given to me today by a colleague. Now, while I'm all about everyone asserting their individual style, I must politely and gently ask, "Can you turn the dress lights off and on by clapping?" Because that would really be something.

In food news, Our pal Bobby Flay is about to open a burger joint. Granted it's in Connecticut, so we can't rush right over for the grand opening or anything (although a certain PP staffer might book a flight if she was guaranteed an encounter with Mr. Flay...). At any rate, I dig the logo and hope the "griddled" burgers are just deelish. Bummer part is that the Connecticut Board of Health requires they cook the burgers medium and beyond. (I'm all for medium rare personally.) If you're ever at the Smith Haven Mall (sigh, the mention of the word "mall" makes me a tad homesick), do check out Mr. Flay's Palace o' Beef.

In local food news, did you know that there are four, yes FOUR, Farmer's Markets in the Charleston area where you can be purchasing fresh, local produce from area farmers on a weekly basis? What, I say WHAT, are you waiting for? One of my colleagues shared some of the biggest blackberries I've ever seen in my whole life ever recently. From the Marion Square Farmer's Market of course. They were heavenly. Like a burst of sweet summer. Get thee to the Market.
  • Downtown, Marion Square – Saturday, 8-2

  • Mt. Pleasant – Tuesday, 3-Dark

  • Chicora Elementary School – Wednesday, 3-7

  • North Charleston, Park Circle – Thursday, 3-7

In more food news, I'm a big believer in the collective unconscious. Meaning, if some particular subject or thing is rolling around in my head, chances are I will soon see or hear about it from some other source, because you know, it's out there in the universe. Not too delve too far into that, but I offer that as evidence because just the other day I was getting a lesson in a Kentucky Hot Brown (an open faced turkey sandwich with tomato, bacon and a cheese, cream, bernaise sauce of goodness) and sure enough, it turns up on a blog I regularly read. Good ole Louisville.

And now, as I take my leave of you for the day, I offer this gift, a token I received from the Serious Eats blog. It's about food choices. It's about the seventies. It's about Mackenzie Philips and The Jackson Five Variety Show. Enjoy.

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