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Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting back up to speed

Well, hello Internet. I trust everyone had a good long weekend. It's funny what one runs across over the course of a long weekend. There's a bit more time to think about things, linger over a newspaper or a magazine or a good book. Or you know, inadvertently send bottle rockets screeching into your neighbor's magnolia tree. (My apologies.)

And now, the news. I am still rather befuddled by this, from the Martha Stewart "Bride's Guide" blog. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE M&Ms. I mean it, I'm a huge fan. But somehow, the face of my soon-to-be-married friend ON MY M&M? Not so much. P.S. Do click on the photo that accompanies the posting, because it's that much weirder. No, M&M, no. Thank you.

Managing Partner Randall Goldman took some photos of the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department training in the property PP donated to them. Amazing to see how they vent walls and create spaces out of nearly nothing at all.

Love this. The good folks at Slow Food Nation just began work on a Victory Garden, an edible, ornamental garden right smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco Civic Center. The garden is actually being planted on the very same site a post WWII victory garden was planted nearly 60 years ago. Watch the evolution of the garden here.

Our friends over at Charleston Magazine surprised us with a great piece in this month's issue, "The Heydey of The Silver Screen" that highlights many of Charleston's old picture palaces, including our very own American Theater.

Post & Courier writer Kyle Stock penned a super piece about all the happenings on this end of King Street . Kyle is soon off to NYC to attend a prestigious journalism program. Best of luck, Kyle. Don't worry, fans. He'll be back in Charleston upon completing the program.

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