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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who had their sedatives, WHO?!

Really, what's funnier than your Executive Chef all doped up before knee surgery? I am just not sure! So yes, our young soccer star/chef had ACL surgery yesterday and is recovering nicely, thank you. Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing about his sedative hallucinations. Did you see colors? Ponies? Organic sea beans? Do tell!

Here at PP headquarters, we're currently working on our contact high (Note to self: how did this become a chemically induced posting?). Sean, one our absolute favorite Fish team members, is hard at work painting the hallway that leads up to the PP office. P.S. He's been regaling us with songs all day as he sings along with his iPod.
In other news, read an interesting article on Twitter today. If you don't use Twitter, you are missing something quite fun and definitely addictive. Anywho, Jack Dorsey, who came up with the idea of Twitter, took his inspiration from the "Away" messages people used for their instant messenger. For the record, my personal best "away" messages:
  1. Updating my resume faster than you slap a tick.
  2. Here, desperately trying to respond, but trapped under something heavy. (With respect to Nora Ephron for blatantly ripping of a bit from "When Harry Met Sally.")

If you think Twitter is as silly as it name might imply, consider this: the Obama campaign is using it. And CNN. And Apple. Should you decide to Twitter, look us up: Patprop.

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