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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lowndes Grove Bee Relocation Project: Day 2

Note: no bees were harmed in the writing of this post. How remiss of me to not share the specifics of the Lowndes Grove Bee Relocation Project. My apologies. The Lowndes Grove bees have been happily relocated to Bee City Honey Bee Farm & Petting Zoo (how appropriate and no, I am not making up the name). I cannot even believe the sheer volume of offerings at Bee City! The petting zoo has lemurs, llamas, alpacas, monkeys and deer (so the bees won't be lonely or bored). Then, there's the store where you can buy honey and other bee-related products, like say, lip balm! And finally, there is the cafe that serves, among other things, excellent seafood. Seriously, WHO KNEW?

While I'm on the bee thing, I coincidentally ran across this story: The Fairmont Royal York in Canada has a V.I.Bee Suite (again, NOT making this up). For real, the hotel has a rooftop bee aviary , at which they harvest their own "private stock" of honey! And, for a marketing dork like me, check out the names of their hives: the Honey Moon Suite, The Royal Sweet and the V.I. Bee Suite. Too clever.

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