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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jodie hearts Tom & the bee relocation project

Who is that dashing Jerseyan?

In Fish news, General Manager Jodie Battles is heading up to the Cape Cod area for some vacation while the restaurant renovation continues. After a short stay with her family, she's off to New York City to spend two weeks with the folks at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, craft. In case you don't know, Tom Colicchio is a renowned chef who got his chops cooking at prominent New York restaurants like The Quilted Giraffe, Gotham Bar & Grill, Rakel and Mondrian. In 1994, he opened The Gramercy Tavern with partner Danny Meyer, which garnered three stars from Ruth Riechl. Just a year later, he opened craft to rave reviews and has since launched into craftbar, craftsteak and 'witchcraft with an array of locations. I'm exhausted just typing that. And, you may know Colicchio best from his gig hosting Top Chef on Bravo. P.S. He's from New Jersey...holla! So, Jodie will be in New York working with the craft front of the house team. (I hope she gets to eat, too!) She will be in close contact with PP headquarters so we can share all of the stories with you. Make us proud, Jodie. Or at least bring us some leftovers.

I received a barrage of text messages from Lowndes Grove General Manager Ashley Gunnin this morning as she set out to record what we are calling the Lowndes Grove Bee Relocation Project. That's right. It seems that a bee colony found itself a home in one of the majestic oaks. While we love honey bees, having a whole colony of bees in proximity to events where perfumed and cologned people are hanging out and eating. Maybe not so much. Hence, the Bee Relocation Project. Check it out.

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