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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Power outage, bees & trees part two & the final turn of the spinning meat

How about that storm yesterday? The power went out here at PP headquarters, and we all headed out a tad early (it's beer thirty!). On the way home, I noticed folks also without power hanging out and talking on their front stoops or piazzas. Nothing like a temporary blackout to bring neighbors together. I just love that.

So it's Bees & Trees Part Two out at Lowndes Grove. You recall our Bee Relocation Program, yes? Turns out there are um, lots more bees in that tree. Check out the honey! (In my scary little marketing brain, I'm thinking of all the branding possibilities: Lowndes Grove honey, anyone? Quick, whip up some packaging!)

Finally, it is with sadness that we bid a fond adieu to our King Street neighbor, Papa Zuzu's. Yesterday marked the last day of business for the King Street location (thankfully, their Mt. P. location is going strong). I think the small space that is Papa Zuzu's will get swallowed up by condominium madness. We here at PP headquarters placed our final order for gyros (oh, how I mourn the loss of the tzaziki!) and pizzas. It was, as ever, fresh and totally delicious. Goodbye, Papa Zuzu's. We will miss you. We'll see you and your twirling stick of meat across the bridge.

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