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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You say tomato, I say Lowndes Grove

You know, riverfront land tends to be pretty darn fertile, as is evidenced by the surprise tomato plant that sprung up right outside the Lowndes Grove sales office. That's right, amid the hubub of weddings and corporate events and the final days of construction, hope springs eternal. Actually, hope springs tomatoes. How about it? I'm hoping some of the LG staff will pick a couple when they're nice and ripe. Tomato and mozz sandwiches, anyone?

I met with Susan Lucas this afternoon. She heads up the Upper King Design District and is also a wonderful photographer, business owner and true creative. We caught up on what's happening in the neighborhood and man, it's a LOT. I've now worked in the Upper King Design District for nearly 3 years and I have to say: it's wonderful to be part of a community that's growing in such amazing ways. To be mentioned in the same breath as places like Basil, Lesesne, Lulan, Dwelling, Morris Sokol, B'Zar, Wonderland, 52-5, The Charleston School of Law, The Charleston Ballet. Well, let's just say it's darn fine company to be in.

I'll leave you today with this gem. We here at PP headquarters sometimes feel the stress that goes along with the hospitality business. But just know that we handle our stress in truly healthy and constructive ways. Check out these guns!


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