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Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick Charleston faves, pals at FIG & the history of weddings

Howdy, Internet. Hope you didn't get caught in the rain this weekend. I did, but on purpose. Took a lovely walk in the soft rain yesterday. Great way to clear the head of cobwebs.

Received a comment on the blog that asked us to share some of our Charleston favorites and local photos, which we are happy to do. Look for some "local" photos this week and today I'll shout out to some of our hometown faves.

Off the top of my head favorites:
  • Kudu Coffee on Vanderhorst Street
  • B'Zar (super cool clothing, jewelry, shoes) on Upper King Street
  • Lesesne (fantastic stationery, cards, books, home furnishings) on Upper King
Just heard a good story from our Managing Partner. A frequent guest of Fish has special dietary requirements that can make dining out a challenge. The guest called Randall to ask for his recommendations for places to dine while Fish is under renovation. Randall suggested the deliciousness at FIG (one of my favorites). Randall called over to FIG to give them a heads up about our guest and was incredibly impressed by how accommodating the staff at FIG was. It's good to know that our guests are in more than capable hands while Fish undergoes its big refreshing.

Rachel, one of our illustrious Event Managers at The William Aiken House sent over this interesting article about the origins of wedding traditions. Here's a fun fact: the origin of the Best Man was basically, um, bouncer/brawn. Really. Way back when, the Best Man was armed and ready back up for the groom in case he had to oh.....kidnap his bride, fight off other dudes who might want to steal her, etc. Nice, right? To my knowledge, we've had no kidnappings or fistacuffs at either The William Aiken House or Lowndes Grove to-date. But boy, wouldn't THAT be blogworthy?!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I completely agree on your choice of shops--B'zar and Lesesne are side-by-side treasures, and Kudu is the new place to see and be seen in Charleston. Good coffee too.