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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cafeteria trays, hipster bakeries, iPhone, local peaches & Jodie's NYC adventure

So, think back to the days of when you shuffled along in a cafeteria line with your tray. After the obligatory meal stuff, did you also go for the bowl of pudding? (Personally, I have a hard time ever saying no to pudding.) Maybe some jello? A side of something? An extra glass of juice? The point here is that folks tend to fill up the holder, in this case, the tray, with food that we may never actually eat, which translates to waste of both food and money. Turns out an array of colleges are saying goodbye to cafeteria trays. (Moment of silence for those of us who also used trays as makeshift sleds in winter.) According to the article, colleges that have tested the concept have seen food waste reduced by 50%. I love when a simple idea produces big results. Brilliant! Just another way to stay mindful of what we put in our bodies. And, to truly enjoy what we choose to eat.

In other cool food news, ran across this super cool blog: cakespy. Full of recipes and some of the cooler bakery profiles and stories I have ever seen. Do check it out.

So, did you stop by the King Street Apple Store Grand Opening on Saturday? Where you part of the fracas? My friend Joe was there and took photos of the whole crazy Mac scene. Remind me to tell you how much Nico wants an iPhone. Holy cow.

If you haven't tried any local peaches yet this summer, I am here to tell you to do it. Immediately if not sooner. I had a peach cobbler at EVO in Park Circle on Saturday that was so good, I almost wept when it was gone. Get some local peaches, people.

And finally, Fish General Manager Jodie Battles is packing her bags for the Big Apple. She's spending some time with the folks at Tom Colicchio's craft. I can't wait for updates from the road!

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