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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today's misfiring synapses

Hello, Internet! Got to meet the talented Leigh Webber this afternoon for a quick advertising shoot at Lowndes Grove. Leigh has a great website and A BLOG! She's recently taken some amazing wedding photos at both The William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove. P.S. Leigh also has the grooviest, letterpress business card, created by none other than our pals at Gil Shuler Graphic Design.

The Charleston Weddings fashion shoot was a smashing success and finished up yesterday evening during a most exquisite sunset. In preparation for the final shot, photographer Frank Edwards asked if we could clear some recently fallen leaves from the front lawn (See? It isn't all glamour.) Josh, Frank's photo assistant, bravely took charge with our leaf blower, and so the shot went on without a hitch (and a very pristine green lawn). Many thanks to everyone involved with the shoot. I am giddy with anticipation to see this issue when it hits the stands.

Random Upper King story. This morning, on the way to grab coffee at Kudu, Elizabeth and I happened upon what looked like the remnants of what I can only describe as a CUPCAKE ASSAULT. I have several theories that I'd like to run by you. 1. The holder of the cupcakes fell hard, more than once, with a large number of cupcakes. 2. There was an altercation involving the holder of the cupcakes and someone who WANTED the cupcakes. A tug-of-war ensued; then, in a fit of rage, the cupcake holder began WHIPPING the cupcakes at the cupcake wanter. 3. A down and dirty, seriously fun cupcake fight, which in my mind is so wasteful. I have a hard time supporting the reckless destruction of dessert. Feel free to come up with your own theory.

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