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Thursday, May 29, 2008

In case you were wondering: lard is the new butter

Picture it: my better half and I are eating cupcakes outside in front of 444 King Street during our lunch hour as Executive Chef Nico Romo walks by (actually, limps by, because he's on one crutch due to his still injured knee) and TOTALLY CATCHES US STUFFING OUR FACES. Stone cold busted. I had no reply save for a full-mouthed, "Wanna bite?"

In other news, I got some very excellent samples of fabric, flooring and lighting from those talented architects at Gibson, Thompson, Guess. That's all I can tell you right now. You won't get another word out of me. Maybe next week. I mean it, that's it for now.

Moving right along, I have to tell you that I think questions of etiquette are nearly always intriguing and entertaining. Check out this gem from the Martha Stewart wedding blog:

Dear Darcy,
I am getting married this summer and my fiancé and I are saving to buy our first house together. We would love monetary wedding gifts to add to our nest egg but worry that it may be rude to state this somewhere in the invitation. Should we say something like "we are not registered for gifts, but we really want a house someday?"

All the best,Desperately Need Wedding Cash

This VERY PROPER response comes from the folks at Crane & Co. (of course)

Dear Desperately Need Wedding Cash,

I certainly understand and appreciate your intent to want to build a “nest egg” to purchase your first house, but keep in mind your wedding is a sacred event celebrating the joyous joining of two people and should not be treated as a financial fundraiser. Your invitation should remain pure in its intent and should never include gift or registry requests.

There are ways to discretely meet your objective while keeping your occasion one that will be cherished by family and friends. The best way to let people know is by word of mouth through family and friends. If this is not practical, your save-the-date card is the least offensive place to include the URL for your wedding website, which can inform guests of registry information or gift preferences. Your website is also a great place to tell your personal story about your aspirations of building a home together.

Good luck,
Crane & Co.

I got the biggest kick out of that response. It's just so darn well-worded, isn't it? P.S. Can I mention that I've been to more than one wedding where there was a tradition of Dollar Dances with the Bride? Would that make the folks at Martha Stewart and Crane & Co. just ITCH or what?

As you may know, my world view has much to do with writing, word choice and the telling of stories. I am fascinated by how "old" sayings and slang work their way into our daily language. Specifically, I must call out this winner. It goes like this: __________ is the new ________. I KNOW you have seen, read or even said it. As in: 50 is the new 40. Brown is the new black. Today's Food + Wine blog headline is my new favorite: LARD: THE NEW BUTTER. And...scene!

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