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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The devil, the deep blue sea, the wreckfish, the cheese rolling

As promised, photos from the Patrick's "Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea" Spoleto Party are here. And here too, courtesy of the professional hob knobbers at Charleston Magazine. Details, you ask? Here are a couple of morsels: the very cool lighting and projection were courtesy of our pals at PDA Lighting, Sound & Effects. The most popular dessert of the evening? A gingergread man crepe (Yes, I said man crepe.) with berries, whipped cream and flambeed with Grand Marnier. (Note: this is based on the "Biscuit Tin Revolution" part of the Spoleto show.) There are so many places I could go with this, what with the man crepe, flambee and the like, but just this once, I will restrain myself. Deep, cleansing breath.

I was also told that a number of well-mannered party crashers showed up as the party was winding down. (They just wanted more, more, more.) A set of horns (remember, the theme) also made an appearance at this shindig. Fun tidbit from last year's festivities. Apparently, a party-goer accidentally fell into the pool. She left the party, went home and changed and returned to the party. I just admire that kind of spunk and commitment.

In Fish news, our friend, photographer Terry Kuzniar was just here shooting for an upcoming story about local wreckfish in Lowcountry Living Magazine. You would not believe how difficult it was to find wreckfish. For the past several weeks, I've been in touch with writer Holly Herrick and Nico about the apparent lack of wreckfish in the local waters lately. Very strange because it is, after all, wreckfish season. Anyway, finally the wreckfish gods smiled upon us and there was wreckfish for all.

Finally today, I will leave you with this gem, shared with me by Managing Partner Randall-I'm-nearly-on-my-way-to-Dubrovnik Goldman. It's the Annual Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire, England, kids! Apparently, the weather was rather dismal which made cheese rolling conditions a bit dangerous. There were some injuries, however no cheese was harmed during the rolling. Badumdum. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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