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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thoughts from the second floor hall

Was perusing Charleston Magazine this morning, (by the way, Nico is profiled in the Chef's Table feature.) and ran across an ad for the Cigar Factory condos. Front and center in the ad is one of our Blue Ion pals, the dashing Robert Prioleau, all chilled out on a couch. I will say I knew him when...
Also appearing in the magazine, our friend David Thompson from Gibson, Thompson, Guess Architects in a piece that profiles local architects and their eyewear. Yes. Really. Apparently, all the sassy eyewear in this town belongs to the architects. Who knew?

Thanks to Kathleen Dayton over at the Charleston Regional Business Journal who wrote a piece about the Lowndes Grove River House. Photo above is from the Main House second floor hallway.

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