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Friday, May 9, 2008

From now on it's lethargy, cigars & scotch.

Upper King is just the funniest little neighborhood sometimes. AC's, one of our fave places for a delicious bar burger, had its front window boarded up when I walked by today. Not exactly sure what happened, but two people had written on the board in magic marker. One quipped: "Ouch, that hurt." The other: "And that's why you should always tip well." I think that made my whole day.

Nico Knee Update: So, it appears as if Nico may have done some damage to his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament: I know. You love it when I talk medical.). That usually spells surgery, but Nico is currently WAY too busy for that, so it will have to wait. He's currently loading up on anti-inflammatories and hobbling around in a brace. He told me this morning that "this staying in shape thing leads to nothing but injuries!" Agreed, from now on, it's lethargy, cigars and scotch! Giddy up.

As we're heavy into wedding season here at The William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove, it just breaks your little heart to see rain on the weekends. I saw some of The William Aiken House event staff scurrying about in crocs this morning as it poured. Thankfully, in true Charleston style, the rains gave way to clear, sunny skies. From my window, I can now hear the music from a ceremony about to begin. Not bad on a Friday afternoon.

As always, don't forget our friends at the Charleston Farmer's Market tomorrow.

And, should you need a gift for Mom (I know you procrastinated.), how about reservations for the Sequoia Grove wine dinner on Monday? Simply call 843.722.FISH, and you will be redeemed. Thank your Mama right. Take her to Fish.

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