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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like prom queen & king, only way nicer & more knowledgable about food & wine

Well, Internet, it was a rather wacky and wonderful weekend. Started off with some much-needed adult beverages with several PP staffers at an undisclosed Upper King Street watering hole on Friday evening. Saturday, I hit the Charleston Farmer's Market (heavy Spoletian traffic) with all of its delicious goodness. Mmmm, crepes. Saturday evening, I met friends at EVO in Park Circle, where due to their recent fabulous press on their homemade desserts, they were completely SOLD OUT! (Note: I was already remarkably full. Perhaps it was a sign from above for some restraint.) On Sunday fun day, my better half and I hit the beach at Sullivan's Island where we were hit not once, but TWICE by a para-surf sail gone awry in the gusting North winds. (It didn't hurt, but um, TWICE? Dude, do you mind?) And last night, I received a text message from our William Aiken House General Manager, Kris Rowe, who was working the Patricks' annual Spoleto party. It read: "Celeste's party is amazing! Charleston Magazine is here!" Look for more details and photos as they arrive.

On Sunday, I had the honor of hand delivering a Fish gift certificate donation to some very special folks. Meet Theresa Ravenell and her family. Dakota Walker, Executive Director of Isabelle's House, put together a team of volunteers who, with the help of many generous members of the Charleston community, forever changed this family's life. When I arrived at the family's home on Sunday morning, I found Dakota and more than 30 volunteers working feverishly to complete work on renovations to the family's home as well as stocking it with much-needed food, toiletries and furniture, before the family came home. Yes, it was surprise! Take a look. Many thanks to Dakota and Karen Siegel who shared the Ravenell's story with us. We wish Theresa and her family the very best.

Finally today, I'd like to introduce you to the Prom Queen & King of Fish Restaurant. They look forward to seeing you soon. Perhaps after something rather Spoleto?

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Anonymous said...

I hope we see pictures of Celeste's party soon!