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Friday, May 30, 2008

He slices, he dices, he juliennes, he texts!

TGIF! Holy smacks, Internet, it's been a week, huh? This posting serves as a bon voyage to Jennifer and Randall Goldman as they head off for a 2 week vacation to Dubrovnik. During their Eastern European escapades, Randall will be addressing students at the University of Dubrovnik on the subject of historic renovation and honestly, who knows what else. (When Randall gets revved up, the sky's the limit!) Anywho, safe travels!

In other news, I just walked over to Fish for a second and on my way back to the PP office, I saw these beautiful ribbons blowing in the breeze at the entrance to The William Aiken House. There is something so lovely about a wedding in the middle of the city. I love to watch the passersby try to sneak glimpses through the wrought iron gate. Sweet moments.

And finally, check out the fastest texter this side of the Atlantic. He may be limping currently, but he can outcook and outtext just about anyone out there. Go Nico, go!

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