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Friday, May 23, 2008

Cherubs, Spoletians & the pool at Lowndes Grove

I think I have spoken before about the wholesome goodness of Fish Manager and Mixologist, Evan Powell. I have, in fact, nicknamed him "Cherub," due to his generous nature (and his ruddy, fair-haired complexion.) He arrived at the PP headquarters office this morning with three of his homemade iced coffees, made especially for my two office mates and me. Right on. I will also say that Mr. Powell looked especially dashing today, in his jacket. When questioned the reason for his extra spiffiness, he said in all seriousness, "I have to go big for Spoleto." Indeed.

While I'm on the subject of the Spoletian Invasion (um, have you SEEN King Street today?), it's extremely exciting to see the press the Festival is already garnering. New York Times writer Daniel J. Wakin is here covering Spoleto in its entirety. Check out his rave review on Amistad at the new Memminger Auditorium (which I cannot WAIT to see). P.S. I know this fantastic restaurant for pre and post Spoleto activities.

In other news, the pool at Lowndes Grove opens this weekend (photo above). No, you can't do a cannonball, but I so appreciate you asking.

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