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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Fish Story

Having only been with PP since October, there is still quite a bit of history I'm still learning. This story is so good I have to share it with you.

Some of you may know that building that Fish occupies was once a bakery. I love thinking about that (and not just because I am a sucker for good bread and pastries), because bakeries are, in many ways, community. When I was very young, my Dad would sometimes treat us to a trip to Lindee's Bakery on Sunday. That heady, sweet smell is forever in my memory. The ring of the bell on the top of the door. The bread slicer behind the counter. I loved every bit of it. (For the record, I was always torn between the giant smiley face cookie and the Linzer tart.) This particular bakery we frequented was nearly always packed. Everyone was always in a great mood, trading stories, picking up treats for special occasions, catching a quick moment with someone they hadn't seen in a while.

I like thinking that particular scene was probably quite similar to the one at Fish when it was a bakery. Full of heady, delicious aromas, full of conversation and community.

What's also interesting is that Managing Partner Randall Goldman named the restaurant Fish in homage to a restaurant he visited in Singapore called Fishes. The owners, a Chinese couple, who were also Buddhists, believed to honor the soul of the "beings" they used for food, you should let the true flavors speak clearly, so they limited themselves to only using 6 or 7 other ingredients. Obviously that idea spoke to Randall, because nearly 8 years later, Fish is still here.

And though things have changed radically through the years, I find it fascinating that this special space is still full of heady, delicious aromas, still full of conversation, still full of community. It's nice to think that maybe the soul of this building is in our hands for our safe keeping.

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