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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lowndes Grove gets its fashion on

I've been out at Lowndes Grove most of the day for the Charleston Weddings fashion shoot. First of all, the weather couldn't be lovelier. Secondly, this is a professional and fantasticly fun group of folks. The man behind the lens is none other than Peter Frank Edwards and his assistant Josh. Not only is Frank just an outstanding photographer, but he could also load my Ipod any day of the week. Roxy Music AND The Smiths, okay? Editor Melissa Bigner, Style Editor Ayoka Lucas, Lizzie the ravishing model, stylist Ashley and assistants Mimi and Danielle made the day whiz by beautifully and effortlessly. P.S. Just WAIT until this issue hits the streets, people. (Melissa said it would be August.) I have given you the merest sneak peek above. For the rest, I insist you wait for the professionals.

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