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Thursday, May 8, 2008

PP news at 5:30, you've been warned.

Man down! In sports news, Executive Chef Nico Romo, who moonlights as goalie for the local recreation soccer team, "blew up his knee" last night in the heat of battle. The scoop is he "heard a popping noise" and basically crumpled onto the field. (Note: in my experience, the popping noise? Not. Good.) Anyway, after driving himself home (as we say here at PP, "don't be a hero!"), and did I mention he was trying to shift?! Again, not good. The diagnosis? A sprained knee which equals bedrest, a brace and some pain meds. Woohoo! We feel quite certain that Nico will be up and around in about 30 more minutes (doctor's orders or not). You just can't keep a good Frenchman down. Feel better, Nico! (Let us not forget that yours truly suffered a bloody lip as a result of this so-called "recreational soccer team." And, two of our next door neighbors were injured this week as well. Joe took a kick to the eye (WHAT?!) and Adam rolled his ankle. SO NOT RECREATIONAL.)

In local news, our very own Staff Accountant made the 11 o'clock news last night. Elena Hacker was accosted, I mean interviewed, by Channel 2 News as she finished up shopping at her local Pig. (Well, if you must know she was picking up roast beef, muenster cheese and Corona.) The reporter asked Elena about rising gas prices and Greenbax. I'm told the interview was riveting and the words, "It's huge," were used profusely.

In award news, congratulations to our friends at Skirt! magazine who picked up about 1,000, okay 5 GAMMA awards. Most excellent.

In food news, while reading the Food + Wine blog, I came across this cocktail recipe that I immediately sent to our Mixologist at Fish. Picture it: a pint of Hoegaarden beer topped with a scoop of homemade orange sorbet. Oh! Catch me, I swoon!

And lastly in marketing news, I have received 2 so-called humorous remarks on our identity package, both of which began, "Yeah, it looks great. Did you know that [insert property name] was misspelled?" I told you that PP is a sick, sick group of loveable hospitality experts, didn't I?

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