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Friday, October 17, 2008

So, about that economy...

I haven't spoken much about the economic brouhaha everyone's experiencing, but if you've been in downtown Charleston lately, you know that the streets and cash registers have been awfully quiet. That being said, I believe tough times often inspire people to come together and get creative. Read a New York Times article about NYC restaurants extending their hours in an effort to bring in more patrons and revenue, or in some cases, trimming their prices. (P.S. At the other end of the spectrum are flagrant displays of wealth like this.)

Our neighbors at B'Zar are profiled in today's Charleston Regional Business Journal for their talent in marketing themselves via social media sites like Facebook. As you know, we here at PP are big fans of social media. Oh yeah, we Twitter. And the results are often near instantaneous and nearly always inspiring. Check out the supercool visual examples our friends at Blue Ion did. And did I mention it's free? In this economy we all need to find ways to reach each other...and it usually starts right in our own neighborhood.

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