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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Divine American Theater

The team at Glenn Keyes Architects was at it again this summer, turning The American Theater’s concession area and back theater into 2,300 square feet of elegant and glamorous Grand Ballroom space (accommodates 140 seated, 250 theater or 160 classroom style guests). I know, you were wondering what all that banging was about, right?

I use the word DIVINE on purpose and believe you me, I don't throw Miss M's image around lightly. But I am just saying this Grand Ballroom is just that. Details include two, handmade milk glass chandeliers and a warm, stylish Art-Deco palette (think creams and celestial gold). Very gorgeous, very elegant, very retro. And also, so very modern with all the hot tech/A/V equipment one needs for a truly fabulous celebration. (a 9 x 12 screen with ceiling mounted projector, state-of-the-art AMX A/V system, multiple handheld, lapel and headset microphones and a 340-square-foot stage for presentations/performances)

I'll tell you a secret: Corporate Sales Manager Jessica Kafer and I are both dying for someone, somewhere to have a Prohibition-themed party in the Grand Ballroom. Wouldn't that just be the most fun? Do it. Who isn't crying out for a Prohibition-themed company holiday party? Call Jessica, she has special packages and pricing too. 843.737.9225


Adam Boozer said...

Is the ringing alarm outside in celebration for the opening?
hee hee :)

patrick properties said...

Yeah, how about that alarm? They're "working on it." I was sipping coffee when it went off and snarfed. Makes for a happy morning. : )