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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All manner of good stuff

About to head over to Whole Foods in Mt. Pleasant to watch Nico prepare some fabulous slow cooked triggerfish. If you're out and about in Mt. P around 6 pm, plan on stopping by. You too could have a recipe card and a Q&A with our dear Frenchman!

As I've mentioned before, all manner of interesting things happen here at PP. Recently, Ginny Deerin, CEO/founder of wings contacted Managing Partner about our use of social media (blog, Twitter, Flickr). So, yesterday Randall and I met with Ginny to talk about what's worked for us, and, more importantly, we got to take a peek at wings in progress. In a nutshell, wings is an after school program for kids at Memminger Elementary and Chicora Elementary. But it's much much more. Wings is about nurturing social and emotional intelligence in children in a dynamic, fun and safe environment. At one point, Program Director Ericka Parker asked the children to recite the wings creed, and let me just tell you, more than 50 voices, ages 5 through 12, spoke those words (and it's NOT short) with unbelievable exuberance. It was impossible not to feel hopeful and wonderful after a moment like that. What's happening in that classroom is something we can all feel hopeful about, no matter what the news tells us.

Tomorrow is the Upper King Design Walk and, of course, it's also the day that Elise Testone and Gerald Gregory perform, so it's sure to be big fun. All of our neighborhood shops will be staying open late, and you know Fish will be jumping, too.

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