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Friday, October 3, 2008

Did someone say speakeasy?

Not only is Jessica Kafer a fine Corporate Sales Manager here at PP, she is also someone near and dear to my heart. And, she's one of the funniest people I know. Sometimes I think we shared the same childhood. So, I want you to know her and love her like I do, hence I've asked her to be today's guest blogger. Please make her feel right at home!

Can we talk about the American Theater? Of course we can because I’m in charge and the new ballroom is freakin’ fantastic! (Can I say freakin’?) I know, I’m the sales manager and you think I’m supposed to say that, but my job is great. I get to see the look on lots of faces that are seeing the ballroom for the first time, and let me just say that it is rewarding.

You see, we (me + clients) talk about the old theater and how it is hard to imagine that this new space exists, and we need to sing about it from the rooftops. We admire those ridiculously cool new chandeliers. We talk about making custom posters for the marquees. We have this great idea about pre-dinner cocktails in the lobby with parmesan truffle popcorn and old fashioned cocktails. We talk about cigarette girls and speakeasies, we become like family or at least old friends then we hug it out, grinning ear to ear. It is good times, and I love every minute of it.

I know it’s not up to me what you type of event you plan at the theater, but I love that space and it deserves a good party. If you care about my happiness at all, then here are my wishes.

1. Speakeasy! Secret knock or password at the street front ticket booth. Bathtub gin and moonshine. Oysters Rockefeller. Live music and guests dancing the Charleston. Debauchery!

2. A holiday party with a fake fireplace projected on the 9x12 screen on the stage. The Beach Boys and the Partridge Family Christmas albums piped in through the sound system. Turtlenecks, gaudy cardigans, lots of laughs, corny gifts. Don’t judge.

3. A realistic holiday party with a fun-loving group of folks. Hot cider, secret Santas, cranberry, pumpkin, roasted game, red wine. A trio of musicians in the background.

4. Ryan & Grayson’s wedding. Theme is The Notebook (one of their favorite movies & so happens the big date scene was filmed here). Okay, so it’s not a theme per se, it is art deco elegance and style. Dapper. Candlelit, creams, gold. Tuxes, gowns.

5. Corporate meeting that uses every inch of new technology in our projection booth. Now that the presidential debates are over, I guess I’ll settle for the State of the Union Address. Does it have to take place in DC or is location optional?

Call me. (843) 737.9225
Email me. jessica@patpropevents.com

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