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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Naked moo shu, the death of Zima & Whole Foods

In office news, today our staff accountant Elena ordered her moo shu NAKED. I know, it's darn near illegal, but she did and said it was quite delicious.

If you haven't been outside yet today, you need to stop reading this blog immediately and get out there. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Lovely, right?

While you're feeling good, please brace yourself for this rather upsetting bit of news. The malt-liquor magic that was Zima is coming to an end. (Moment of silence.) When I shared this news earlier with a few PP staffers, I was regaled with no less than three stories of the Jolly-Rancher-in-the-Zima phenomenon. Class? Anyone? Rite of passage or just unfortunate common first-time drinking story? You decide. At any rate, don't fret, there's still Boone's Farm.

In tastier news, tomorrow at 6 pm, Nico will be doing a fabulous cooking demonstration at Whole Foods in Mt. Pleasant. Our main Frenchman will be preparing slow cooked triggerfish, which is just ridiculously good. Stop by for fun and fantastic prizes, including a recipe card, Q&A time with Nico and, the best part, a sample of the dish. Several PP staffers will be on hand to heckle, I mean, cheer Nico on. We'll save you a seat.

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