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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fish loves a good debate: join us tonight at the bar!

As you may know, tonight is the final Presidential debate (is that a nationwide collective sigh of relief I hear?). Rather than sit at home and play drinking games (during the VP debate, "maverick" did all but do a girl in), why not join us at the bar at Fish? Why? Because from 6 until 9 pm, you can relax to the sounds of the Charlton Singleton Trio, have a bite to eat and just generally center yourself. Which, when you think about, is the perfect way to prepare for how fired up you'll be during the debate. (No slinging dim sum in anger at the t.v. screen.) And, our resident mixologist and favorite cherub, Evan Powell has created a signature political cocktail: The Obiden. What's that you ask? Take the cocktail classic that is a sidecar. This is a new twist on the classic, much like Obama has a new way of looking at old politics. The bitters and sugar in the Obiden symbolize both good times and the bad…the things both men have overcome/survived and the sweet times ahead when get elected! Oh, and the blue curacao symbolizes the Democratic party…and one more thing: the brandy has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, the birthplace of democracy! See, you think you're just getting a great cocktail, but you're also getting a great story. See you at the bar, friends.

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