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Monday, October 6, 2008

The $10 lunch. Yes, really.

Here's the thing: we think lunch should fill you up not clean you out.

Hence, the $10 lunch at Fish.

Starting today, lunch at Fish is $10. That includes your entrĂ©e, fountain drink and tax. That’s right: ONE Alexander Hamilton. (Or TWO Lincolns or TEN Washingtons, etc.)

So, say you come in and order shrimp moo shu with the local tomato salad and a coke. $10.

Or maybe you fancy the seared tuna salad with the cilantro yuzu dressing and a sweet tea. Oh, just $10.

Actually, what you really want is a bowl full of steamy pho noodle soup with chicken and a seltzer. That will be $10, thanks.


Why are we doing this, you ask?

Because...multi-billion bailout, anyone?

Because we want to be your regular lunch spot.

Because we now have a great big bar and why don’t you come by?

Because food is a comfort, and we'd like comfort to stay affordable.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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