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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friends in need

I wrote the other day about the torrential rains last Friday, and how our event staff and planning team weathered the storm. Yesterday I heard how the rain resulted in severe damage to some of our farms. I'm the first to admit that when bad weather comes, it takes me a few moments to realize the impact it will have on oh, say ALL THE THINGS THAT GROW and the people who nurture and tend that growth. But it's the reality, and some of our friends (Rita Bachmann of Rita's Roots) were devastated by last week's storm. I share this as a point of a community understanding, a call for empathy. And though we understand that plants and crops do grow again, we also understand that a lost crop is lost money to folks who rely upon it. I guess what I'm talking about is compassion for each other, in good weather and in bad. It's certainly time.

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