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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts from 'round the hospitality campfire

One of the gems Fish General Manager Jodie Battles picked up during her time with the Craft folks in New York was their concept of "enlightened hospitality." First of all, for a word nerd like me, what a fantastic phrase. I'm already in! What's funny about this whole concept is its simplicity. The premise? First, show hospitality to the people who work for you. Of course it's simple, but for anyone who's ever worked in the hospitality business, simple ain't always so simple.

While we're on the subject of ever-so-sharp phrases, I came across this one: Happy Luxe. It's a mix of Jonathan Adler (check out this manifesto) and The Parker Palm Springs (check out the uniforms on the bell hops!). I love this concept: luxury need not be stuffy. It need not whisper. It can be warm and whimsical.

P.S. Here's where the world is media-wise: Barack Obama is going to "pre-announce" his running mate via text message to his constituency. That's before CNN, folks.

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