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Friday, August 8, 2008

Guess who's 30?

Our illustrious Director of Human Resources, Elizabeth Kitchin, that's who! See how happy and alert she is? (It's the coffee.) Or, perhaps it's the insane amount of sugar we forced her to ingest today for her birthday festivities. Whatever the reason for her chipperness, we are grateful for all that she does to keep things here at PP running smoothly. Happy 30th, Elizabeth!

In rather tragic news, Alex's in Mount Pleasant is going to be undergoing a major renovation this fall that will change its very diner-esque persona to something that will help it better compete against the establishments at nearby Shem Creek. Um, what? The owners are selling their 3 other locations due to our sluggish economy. I will tell you that when I lived in Mt. Pleasant right near Shem Creek, I literally went to Alex's every weekend morning. As I am a die-hard diner supporter, I felt right at home with the breakfast all day vibe. I sat at the counter, happily ate my eggs, biscuit, corned beef hash, sipped my weak but never-ending cup of coffee, chatted with the waitresses and joyfully people-watched the array of humanity that passed through Alex's doors. Sheer heaven, I tell you. Sigh. Make sure you pay Alex's a visit before it changes forever. P.S. The new name will be: Our Bridge Cafe.

Our pal Calder Clark of Bluemoon Events was quoted in a fun little CNN piece about wedding day disasters. Ever the unflappable optimist, Calder said she tells her soon-to-be-wedded clients to just enjoy the party that is their wedding day.

And by the way, if you're really missing Nico while we refresh Fish and let's face it, who isn't, check out two of his recipes in a great write up by Abi Nicholas over at the P & C. Need more incentive, um duck fat!

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