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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Notes from the kitchen

Late this afternoon, over in the PP catering kitchen, Staff Accountant/Local Restaurant Co-Owner Elena and I had the opportunity to sample some of the new Fish menu. For those of you who were fans of the dim sum, never fear, it's back and it is insanely delicious. In fact, dim sum will now be a menu staple. (Which is aces for me as I could sincerely eat it all the live long day.) We also tried a fantastic tempura cherry tomato with homemade, panko-crusted mozzarella (Here ends the menu insider tips!) Sweet mother, it was delicious.

And, I have to say, I've never had the opportunity to be on the inside of a process like this. It was utterly enthralling to watch Nico, Chef de Cuisine Charron Henry, Sous Chef Deveaux Stockton and an array of cooks hovered around the stainless steel tables so earnestly discussing, tasting sauces, adjusting, tweaking, sampling, sharing. I was initially surprised at how serious the atmosphere appeared. But as I thought about it, the answer was clear. This is what they do. This is their art and passion. And who doesn't want what they do to be spot on? I walked away full, though I would have gladly sampled more, and exceedingly grateful to be allowed in on the process, to be given a glimpse of that moment of creation and celebration that is putting flavors and textures and colors together. All to bring people together, to eat and connect and enjoy.

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