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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love, American Style & A New York Story

Guess what Corporate Sales Manager Jessica Kafer and I did last night? Oh, just helped these two lovebirds get engaged in front of The American Theater and then have some celebratory champagne at the reflecting pool at The William Aiken House. Just that. You know, a slow Tuesday night. Can you believe how utterly cute Ryan and Grayson (happy couple) are? Ryan contacted us several weeks ago to assist in his proposal. He and now fiancee Grayson are huge fans of the movie, The Notebook, which filmed a few scenes in front of our lovely theater. So, Ryan did his engagement up, American style, with the proposal on the marquee and all. Congratulations, you crazy kids. By the way, if you're looking for a place to have your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, after party or what not, um call me, I know people.

And now, a New York story from our very own General Manager Jodie Battles who's working with the fine folks at Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurant.

Yesterday I visited the Union Square Greenmarket, which the BOH team at Craft visits 4 - 5 per week to obtain all the fresh, local items they can get there hands on. Much like at Fish, they also use local, seasonal, sustainable items whenever and wherever possible on the menu...and yesterday I actually got to see some of the snapper they were serving on the menu that Tom caught on recent fishing trip!

The kitchen trail during dinner service last night was incredibly informative...filling! I thought I was going to have to be carried up the stairs by the time the last plates of the evening went out! As I manned my expo post next to Chef de Cuisine, James Tracey, and walked around observing at the various stations, there were samples of menu items in from of me each moment I turned the corner! From roasted chanterelles and morels to suckling pig, squid ink risotto and pancetta wrapped monkfish, hamachi, foie gras with wild plums and fresh bay leaf, lamb agnolotti, sorbet samplers...you get the point...I'm not going to need to eat for the rest of the trip...!

P.S. I'm officially jealous. FOIE GRAS WITH WILD PLUMS?! Where did I go wrong?