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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jodie's NYC Adventure: She's Craft(y) & more!

Where in the world is Fish General Manager Jodie Battles? Why New York City of course! Today, Ms. Battles made a trip to the Union Square Greenmarket and tonight, she'll be shadowing Craft's Chef de Cuisine, James Tracey in the kitchen. Fun! As for her eating/drinking experiences, so far Jodie has taken in nibbles and beverages at Craft Bar (of course), The Modern, Nobu and the Fatty Crab (One of my recommendations. Their Nasi Lemak: coconut rice, chicken curry with poached egg and the ribs are to die for.)

In other Fish news, Managing Partner clipped a funny from Consumer Reports' Goofs, Glitches, Gotches page (read: every marketer's nightmare). An ad for moo shu (yes, really) calls out the special as "moo shu pork with 4 creeps." We can only hope they meant crepes. Darn you, spellcheck!

BTW: the moo shu signage on the Fish windows continue to garner feedback and questions from the masses. The current message: I AM THE WALRUS, MOO MOO SHU actually elicited an impromptu burst into song from several ladies I watched pass by and read the sign aloud. And, our awesome UPS man, Shaq, asked the staff at The William Aiken House a number of questions about the moo shu. They kept their composure and assured Shaq he would love it. And to answer his question, "Yes, it will be spicy! (if you want, we're all about choice here).

Also, if you haven't yet made the trip to North Charleston's Riverfront Park at the old Navy Base, you are missing one of the most beautifully designed and maintained spaces in Charleston. Was there for a picnic on Sunday and was utterly amazed. Sculpture from the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition is on display and the views of the Cooper River are just pristine. While we picnicked, a giant freight ship moved by, taking up the entire horizon. It was incredible. Literally, everyone stopped and stared at the awesome HUGENESS of the ship. And you know, then we went back to eating and drinking. Just another awe-inspiring day in little Charleston.

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